Are You A Fast Or Slow Reader

I love books, love to read, but the thing is, I'm quite a slow reader. I know there's no race to see who is going to read a book the quickest, but I always have so many books I want to read, I guess I get a little impatient. I know some people who seem to be able to speed read, and often wonder how do they do it? I also find that I don't like to read something if someone has handed me a page of writing, because then it seems I'm taking even longer. Any thoughts on this matter?

[question posted by muscare]

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I love to read book,too.But the speed is to slow,I want to know how to read faster. [fei1123]
Yes, I often find I don't know what is being said, or I'm missing the action, and I don't know which is worse,lol! [muscare]

well in reading you must be fluent in order to understand fast the words u r reading. the faster u understand what u read, the faster u read. keep on reading as ur practice and u'l fine it easy... gudluck! [ela2pso]
Well, thanks, but after the vast amounts of books I have read, I don't know that practice is going to help. Maybe I have to be content with a slow read! [muscare]

I am a pretty fast reader. I think it's because I have lots of practice. I have been reading books forever. Both of my older children are very fast readers also. MY son especially. Our youngest is a slow reader right now but she is improving as she practices more. I think you feel nervous when someone hands you something to read. It probably isnt really taking that long. The speed at which you read isnt as important as how much you remember of what you read. Just go at your own pace and enjoy your books. [lightningMD]
Yes, thanks, you may be right about being nervous when given something to read, and worrying about whether it is taking a long time probably means I'm not really concentrating on my reading, anyway. That is the other point, that when I do make myself read faster, I generally have to re-read some of it anyway, which sort of defeats the purpose! I will just go at my own pace, and enjoy my books! [muscare]

I've always been a fast reader. Sometimes I need to slow myself down because I find myself skipping whole sentences or blocks of text. I can't speed read, but I can still read pretty fast. [5000ml]
I think that is why I'm a slow reader, because the quicker I go, the less I actually seem to read, and remember. I'd like to have to slow myself down, but that's not really an issue!! [muscare]

i have different speed in reading different books. when reading books about science,mathematics,i do read slowly,and it takes me hours to read just one chapter. but when reading magzines,newspapers,i go faster,sometimes i just scan the title and jump to another page. as to novels,i read carefully,as i want to guess what will happen next,so i am slow in reading,i am always exciting when my guess is just the same as the author. [yanstill]
I think reading slowly helps me to become a part of the story, and is a good way to escape to another world for a while! [muscare]

it is good that you read slowly, it allows you to 'build' the book in your mind and get a better sense of whats going on . If you want to learn how to read faster, there is a book called "How to use your head" by Tony Buzan or Buznan. I remember the basics :- Use a pen to read with. Skip from each word using the pen, when you've got comfortable and built up speed start to jump from 2 words at a time and so on. hopefully that will help ! [jimbomuso]
That's what I think too, it does build the book in my mind. Thanks for the tip, too. I think I will try it and see if it helps. [muscare]

If I really am enjoying a book, I might try to get through it as quickly as possible. I love to read a good book and I'm always in a hurry to find out what will happen next. Sometimes though, I try to savor the book because I know once I finish it, I will miss reading it and look forward to finding another good book to take its place. [wachit14]
Ahh, maybe that's why I read slower, because I love to savour, especially when the book has great characters. Yes, I'm often in a hurry to find out what happens next, but I can't race ahead anyway! [muscare]

I think it really depends on what I am reading. If I really want to take in what I am reading I will read slowly. I can be easily distracted and have to read the same paragraph over and over again (fibro fog). On the other hand, I can speed read through paragraphs if I feel I am getting bogged down in the story, or if it is late and I want to finish the chapter before I go to bed, or if the paragraph is all description. It really is easy to speed read as all you need to read are the important words. Words like "and", "the", "to", "of", "it", etc. can be skipped and will fall into place if you just read the bigger words around them. [patgalca]
I find I am easilly distracted, and can't really read that well with too much noise around. I feel at my speed, I absorb the book better. I've never really thought to leave out the basic little words while reading, but I'll try it and see how it goes.Thanks. [muscare]

Well I am one of the fast readers:p.First of all you must understand what you read and you must concentrate on the thing you are reading ,. this always works for me. [uniqueme20]
I understand everything I read, but admit I need some quiet to be able to concentrate properly. Maybe that is some of the problem. [muscare]

I am not a speed reader but I am a quick reader anyways. I have always loved to read and prefered that over any other occupation when I had leisure time since I was a kid. Theres a story about me which will let you see what I was like then. Every Friday we had the library bus come to our suburb and I had permission to go there as soon as I could read. We kids were allowed 5 books for one week and guess what, I started reading Friday afternoon and to Saturday morning I had finished one book. The five books for a week never seemed to be enough for me. My mom somehow didnt believe I was actually reading all this stuff, so when I was at school she took the books, had a quick overview and then she bombarded me with questions. I could answer them all and so she had proof I had really read all that stuff. Now as I commute quite a bit to work I have lots of reading time while on the trains and I guess I use that well. [book1962]
Wow, that was good to have learnt to read so early, and to have read so much as well. Both my wife and I read, and we love to read to our son, so seeing both of us as readers is going to be good for him. I agree that kids can have way too many toys, but they can never have too many books! [muscare]

i like fast reading ,from i was 20 years old i begin to read books and the fast read i like it more than slow read [mashamesho86]
I would like to read fast, and maybe I've improved over the years, but I don't know that I will ever be considered fast! [muscare]

Hi muscare Im a slow reader too. I think its better to be slow then you can make sure you read everything correctly.LOL I use to read alot but lately well I would say in last couple of years I havent read one book. [TerryZ]
Well, welcome to the club. I know that at my pace, I absorb everything I read, but if I read too quickly, I forget more! I have to say that even if you haven't read any books lately, from the number of posts you have, you are doing plenty of reading here on myLot!! [muscare]

I'm a fast reader, and I annoy my husband to no end...esp if I am reading the same thing he is, no wait he annoys me because he is to slow.... I'll be turning the page and he'll be like wait, I'm not done yet. I bought a book one time, the New Grisham Book, the one based on a true story, I bought it at 5pmish one night and by the next morning.....I handed it to my husband and said that's a really good book, he's like done already? yeap... Along the same thought you hate reading a page of writing, I hate having to follow along to somebody who is reading, because I am like hurry up the reading...I'm six pages ahead of you. But in the same aspect, I think that reading allowed helps with diction. Mooch [oneandonemakesix]
Ha, that's funny. My wife also is a fast reader. You read a novel in one night. Wow, I might get one read in one week, if I have nothing else to do, that is! That is actually one thing that I do, read to my wife. It's something we both enjoy. I don't have a problem with diction or pronounciation or anything like that, I just don't read fast. I think I just worry I'm going to miss something going too fast! [muscare]

I am a fast reader.When a book is interesting for me, i can spend long hourse to read it before the end.And usually 2 days are enough to read it. [magica]
Yes that is pretty fast. I also admit it is easier to read a book which is interesting, but it would still take me about a week, sometimes more! [muscare]

Just pick one book at a time. Even if you have more than one book look at all of them and determine which one is more interesting. I guarantee you if you like the book enough you will get can't put it down syndrome. It has happened to me on more than one occasion. You will be finished reading it before you know it. [Mimosatree]
The problem is, I think most of the books I have are interesting! I often get the same syndrome, but it doesn't speed up my reading, well, maybe just a little. [muscare]

I am a slow reader when i want to be and fast when i need to be I found out something very interesting last week when i went to play in my senior Slo Pitch league Don teaches part time because he is now retired and his subject Speed Reading He showed me a testimony letter from a CO at a company hat went from 150 word a minute to 10,000 words I said impossible and he showed me the letter and i being a teacher recognize real letters from false letters when i checked out the contents so there are courses to take that teach and guarantee speed reading works or you money back I am thinking of enrolling myself but i need a course in typing all this one finger stuff is getting frustrating Good Luck its my last post and i will return tomorrow [vmks31]
Wow, that's an amazing amount of words. Would one remember what has been read after all that? I guess there is hope for me to speed up my reading, especially if some can read that fast! I know what you mean about the typing, but I should be happy that at least I can read quicker than I can type with two fingers. That would be pretty sad otherwise,lol! [muscare]

I like to read myself and I normally would read slow. I think that some people can read fast which I can't do and some can read slow, it probably depends on the person. [sweetangel88]
Yes, maybe we are destined to stay as slow readers. At least we get to savour the book longer. [muscare]

I am a pretty fast reader. I can go through books in one day. That's because I love to read, especially before I go to bed. Maybe you don't like reading something someone handed you because you might be afraid of hurting their feelings if you don't like it. Don't be ashamed of reading slow. That just means your mind is absorbing info. I read fast and the way I do it is by concetrating on my book and I make sure I don't have any distractions. That's why I wait until I go to bed. The more you read the faster you will be at it. [tmb22842]
I'd love to be able to read a book in a day, but I don't think that'll ever happen. Also, a lot of the books have over 500 pages, which usually takes a week or more for me to finish. I do absorb books more easily by reading slowly, and need plenty of quiet.I have two bookcases full of books, with only about a quarter unread, but looking forward to getting into them within the near future. [muscare]

try on some materials you familiar , even the book you have read, speed up yr reading, then faster ~. have a try, good luck. and everyone's reading habits are different ,so if you like reading ,love book, it won't be any problem whether you a fast or slow. just do it in your way. [bigcage]
That might be an idea, practise reading faster on a book I've all ready read. At least I already know the story, so it won't matter if I miss any. I love books very much, so I'll continue to read however I can! [muscare]

I love to read as well but I am a fast reader. I'm not trying to race or to get to the end faster it's just the way I read. I don't start reading a book with the intention of reading it fast, I just do LOL IN any case I don't think it matters if we read fast or slow, enjoying reading is the most important part and you do, that's what is important. [arkaf61]
Ha,ha, good one. I have the problem with movies with subtitles in the fact that I either know what they are saying but don't really see what they are doing, or vice versa,lol! [muscare]

i am a fast reader ,i think the slow reader always has much impatient than the fast one.actually,if you want to be the fast reader ,fist you must read silently not read aloud. [petitpapa]
Yes, I do get impatient, but that can't be helped at this stage. I mostly read silently to myself, but sometimes share reading with my wife. [muscare]

Hi muscare...I am a reader, have been an avid reader from the day that I learned how to read. I love to read and I read a few books a week. To me, it does not seem to matter how fast or slow a person reads. The point is the pleasure you get out of reading. My friends say that they wish they read as much as I do. I tell them to read at their own pace. You say you read slowly, to me it seems that you are absorbing the book and there is nothing wrong with that. Why not just keep doing what you are doing and enjoy it? Why stress it, enjoy it...take care...very nice discussion. Read on... [tsgirl01]
Thanks, very nice comments. Maybe that is the thing I have been forgetting, books are for relaxing and enjoying, not stressing about whether or not I can read them fast or slow. I do absorb a book really well at my pace, and think any quicker, I would be missing and forgetting bits. [muscare]

For me , my reading can be slow and fast. If I am eager to know what is coming next, I am fast. I will slow if I am not that enthusiastic. If I get concentration, I can read fast without any problem regarding understanding. [kadangodan37]
I don't have any problem with understanding what I am reading, but if I'm not concentrating, then I don't absorb as much of what I am reading. [muscare]

i am also a slow reader,but dont expect any thing from others that they will read fast,we will read slow its not the important that slow reading r fast reading how much we have understandis the important,so body wil read so many books but they can explain the whole thing its not possible when they wil read fast how much we know and how much we have read is the important [tsreddy_88]
Good comments. It is important for me to be able to remember what I have read, so slow is the way I will absorb more. [muscare]

I do want to read fasting ,one person says that reading slowly allows the mind to store the book,but there is another fact if you read faster your concentration level will be much higher and your mind will be alert more.i think if you search the web you can find techniques to read faster.but it may have certain disadvantage also .and it is important understand what you read if it is story it is ok.if it is knowledge thing then it should be properly understood. [Manoj_s]
That is the way I absorb the book better, by going slowly, and with little noise. I think maybe that could be a part of my slow reading is my concentration isn't always great. [muscare]

I am a fairly quick reader but I don't even compare to my wife, she reads like ten times faster than I do. she'll read an entire book in one night. [coachflaps]
That is quick. I don't believe I'll ever be near a speed like that. I don't really know if my speed will change at all. [muscare]

I love to read!! My mom taught me how when I was 4...I still remember it. Over the years I have read thousands upon thousands of books. I have about 500 that are my favorites. I reread them over and over. Whats weird is I like Stephen King, John Saul but I also like teenage books like goosebumps and junior high school type books. Mostly mystery, suspense and comedy. I also love the old perry mason books. LIVE IN PEACE [twoey68]
My son is four, and my wife and I are trying to teach him to read also. He is very bright so I don't think it will take him long to pick it up. He can write his own name though. I think I have most of Stephen King's novels, and have read many of them several times. I don't think you can ever read too many books! It's a great pastime. [muscare]

i love books too, my IB freshman English teacher said i read at a college level so i must be pretty fast [abedelrahman1]
That's good, I don't think I'll ever read that fast, but I'll always enjoy reading no matter what speed! [muscare]

Slow, it is because I have trouble reading a lot of words all at once. [rogue13xmen13]
That's fair enough, as long as you enjoy it, like me, at whatever speed you can manage. [muscare]

I read slower than most and it absolutely annoys me because I really love to read...but it annoys me when I read because I do it slowly. And so I kind of skip a few lines at times and I then have to tell myself to slow down and then go back and re-read that part... I've heard about a program called EyeQ or something like that that is supposed to increase your reading speed...anyone know anything like that... [dxfanatic69]
Well, if I try to read any faster, I tend to miss words or lines, then I also have to re-read them anyway, which in the end probably takes more time. I haven't heard of that programme, I might see if I can find it with a search. Thanks. [muscare]

I am not really a bookworm but I love reading. I can't say I am a fast ready cos' I'm not a discipline reader. I take 3 books at a time and skip from one book to the other. It will take me at least a week to complete reading the 3 books. [zandi458]
That is really a funny way to read. I actually wish I could pull it of too, to tell you the truth, because I've got so many good books waiting to be read. I also get impatient, especially the closer to the end of the book I get! [muscare]

Now, guilt of my disease I little see and tired to read to me, before I read a lot and fast.... I love a book sometime are better that movie.... [miryam]
That's not too good for you if you can't read so much, and I do agree totally, a book is better than a movie, anyday! [muscare]

I guess I'm a afast reader coz I can finish a hary potter book in one day (w/o interruptions). I started reading books when I was 11 years old. It really takes a lot of just continue with what you're reading and you'll soon find that you'll be reading faster than you know it :) [toplen]
Well, I have to tell you that I have been reading from a young age as well, and maybe my reading has got faster then when I was a lad, but still not that fast. I think if it was going to improve, it would've by now, so I guess I'll just have to keep going at the speed I'm going. Thanks for your thoughts. [muscare]

Use to be slow at my early age but when i developed intrest in reading books i became quit fast especialy during my university days were the times i peaked in readvery fast.For you to know how to speed read you just have to practice practice practice--------- [vonokpasah]
Well I know that is one thing that will never stop is practice, because I do read quite a lot. Maybe I'm actually quicker than I think I am,lol! [muscare]

oh, i am definitely a slow reader and off late its getting slower. i just can't gobble off books. i take long time to read, i contemplate the read and is trasportated to a different world altogether. previously, it was different though. for instance, recently i am reading THE GOD DELUSION and i have been reading it for almost a month now. this book requirs composed and a non preoccupied mind, which, i guess, have been struggling to achieve. so, that makes two of us. happy reading, muscare. [mimpi1911]
Thanks for your thoughts. I too get transported to another world while reading, and don't know if that would happen were I to speed it up. I lose concentration to easily, I think. Good reading to you too! [muscare]

Oh dear friend of mine I would like to say you thatit does nto matter what you lack in yourself.What matters the most in this world is how you look at the future and irts shape.If you wish english geting strengthened by a grea degree then be posiive and work in as need speka sand be positive.The wish is to be attained by five layers of deed,inspiration,aspiration,prspiration,examination and the last but not least and realistic the resignation. [viplav15]
Thanks for your thoughts. I think that maybe the main thing I am lacking is good concentration. I get distracted way to easily, then spend some time re-reading stuff. I need to be positive in improving my concentration. [muscare]

when i was a kid, my mom had always showered me books and therefore, i learned to love books and reading. :) thanks to her, i became a fast reader as well as a wide reader. whenever we have exams, i always finish first because i can read faster that my classmates. i guess i have just been trained by my mom to do so. :) [jlara_gtr34]
You are lucky that you've been able to become a fast reader. I am envious. I did always read as a kid, it was one way to escape reality. Maybe I just enjoyed being in the book so much, I slowed down my reading so it would last longer,lol! [muscare]

I am a fast reader. Ofcourse, often I am also a slow reader, by practice I improved it very fastly. Daily I used to read Hindu News paper. I feel bore, and I have no interest, but only aim is I have to succeed to read fast and grasp the matter very fast in less time. So I removed my impatience and I used to put interest on reading. It is a good hobbie to me. In this way I improved reading books with fast learining and grasping [siva1986]
Yes, maybe there is a little truth in your thoughts for me. Maybe being impatient and easily distracted means I am not solely concentrating on my reading. Remove all other thoughts and maybe my reading will speed up! [muscare]

i am quite fast as people tell me but i think it all depends on ur fluent english to be a fast reader [bukiebluz]
English being my only language, I am very fluent with it, but it doesn't seem to have helped so much with my reading. I think I like to make sure I don't miss anything when I am reading! [muscare]

it is difficult to chose wether speed or comprehend,i heared someone boasted he read 500 books a year,his name is chenanzhi,i think if he did,then the book must be a children book. [tonytan]
I have to agree, if I read too fast, I don't absorb what I have read, and it's a waste of time. I reckon I could knock off a kids book pretty quickly though,lol! [muscare]

I hate reading books, i only read few based on my interest. Most of the time when i read an article or a book, i do skip skip skip lol! i always pick for the important point and when i got some question in mind that's the time i will go back. Well, i think i am in an average reader, i hate reading fast without getting the main idea of the article or book i am reading. [a_ce_e]
I only skip a lot when I am reading too fast, then have to go back and read it again, which defeats the purpose of reading fast in the first place,lol! [muscare]

I'm a average one,neither fast nor slow.Fast read makes me not complehend the general idea of the article.But i wanna be a fast reader,lol. [zengguoxing]
Yes, I did put fast or slow, didn't I. Maybe I am actually an average reader too, not slow after all. I'm not so sure now. I too don't absorb the information so well if I try and read fast. [muscare]

I think it really depends on what I am reading for. Am I reading for work, or is it for pleasure? If it is for work, I usually skim things and take out all the main points. If it is for pleasure I like to take my time. However, even then if I get a book that is spellbinding I tend to try to see what happens and thus read it very quickly. cheers, [golfproo]
Well, anything work related I try to read quickly, because truthfully, I wouldn't really care if I forgot what I read,lol! But mostly for pleasure, that is where my reading is slow. [muscare]

Well as for me i am some how a slow reader because some times i do fill that if i read slow ill understand that thing which im reading easily. But if i am reading to the public ill read fast. the fact that some people do read faster i dont think that's the best because its not all about reading fast but understanding what u are reading at that particular time. [kennycaxton2006]
I remember what I am reading more easily when I take it slowly, and if it is something complicated I probably take it even slower to make sure I understand completely! [muscare]

Try to improve your reading by getting stories or newpapers on your own and I ensure you, it will improve you. For me this happened when I was a kid, but I was growing up, I was having that zeal to read fast and I used to get bored when someone is reading fast in my present, but now I give thanks to God, cos at least I can read fast now. Thanks and have a nice day. [thefuture]
Thanks for your ideas. I try harder when I see someone reading faster, but that just sort of backfires, because then I forget what I've just read. [muscare]

I tend to be a fast reader. I am not a speed reader by any means, but I can get through a book fairly quickly as long as it is something that I am interested in reading. I tend to read a lot, and I love to read. I am actually sometimes disappointed because I read too fast and then, when it is a good book, I get disappointed when I am done reading it so quickly! [kfrisk]
Well, I guess I don't have the problem of finishing a book too quickly,lol! I do love to read though, and do it as often as I get the chance. [muscare]

It all depends on what I am reading. If it is non-fiction books or manuals, I am a slow reader as I need to understand and digest what I am reading. If it is fiction books, I am a rather fast reader as I read only for enjoyment. I do not read word for word. Besides the storyline does motivate me to read faster. [whyaskq]
That may be a part of my problem, in that I do read word for word. I guess that was how I was taught and never learnt ant different. I guess I can try otherwise, see what happens. [muscare]

Me too. I like to read books. I don't think I can read books quickly,but my friends said that i read quickly. I have a suggection,if it is fit for you i will be very happy:when you read books,keep a distance you feel comfortable to read, then watch the words by line, first practice how many key words will you get when you first eyelight look on it, then you will be used to it ...., and finally maybe you can read fast. [Lilychenglp]
Thanks for the idea, I'll give it a go and see if it helps. I'll try with a book I've already read, that way I'll know the story anyway, and if I miss some, it won't matter so much! [muscare]

i do believe that i read fast enough. my problem is how to squeeze time for reading. i do really want to read a lot of books but as it is, i can only allot an hour of my time for reading during weekdays. [mari_skye]
Well, that is a very good point, too. I actually haven't sat there with a stopwatch and counted the number of words I read in a minute, I guess it just feels quite slow. Hmmm, maybe after all this, I'm not really a slow reader, I just think it. Thanks, that's given me more food for thought! [muscare]

I think I am a preatty fast reader when I enjoy what I read and a extremly slow one when it is boring what I read:). [arsena]
Being able to get into a novel certainly helps, and I have to say that it does take me a long time to finish a boring book! [muscare]

I took my love of reading from my dad and his mom. Both of them were speed readers, so naturally I can read fast as well. I usually though don't get to read a lot since having 2 kids, 2 dogs and a husband to take care of. It just comes natural to me. For you, you will always have a book to read. I have books as well, just no time. You can practice reading fast, just do a little each day and see what happens. [chertsy]
I wish there was a trick to it, I started reading when I was very young between the age 3-4. I learned my abc's while watching Seasame Street. Those See spot run books is how I learned. Then I was reading everything in site. So yes I had a lot of practice. My grandmother can read about 3 books a week before her eyesight went bad, more if she had more time. My dad could only read when he was off from work, so it took him a little longer to read a book, but he read a lot of mostly western books. For me the book just gets so good you don't want to put it down, then I just fly through the book. I once read a 1,000 page book in 2-3 days so I could compare it with a movie that following Sunday, lol. Now it takes me longer, because I'm always having to put it down to do something. [chertsy]

i am not a fast reader. It really depends on what I am reading though. If it is a realy good spooky, then I may speed up a bit. I love the page turners. If it is too dry, then I get bored and just put it up for awhile. It really depends on what type of book I am reading. [spiritwolf52]
I agree the book has to be good, my rule is if the first 2 chapters don't catch my attention, I will put the book up and go to another one and come back later to that one. When I was in high school, we would be given a book to read in Lit class. I was given a book that wasn't my taste, that I read in a quick amount of time, only because I had no choice, lol. After reading it, it came on tv, lol. [chertsy]

It all depends on the book I am reading. As a general rule, I read novels much faster than say technical or history books. It also depends on the style of the writer. some authors write in a very smooth way. Others have a writing style that makes me feel as if I was going uphill when reading their books. [spiderman05]
I think technical books really have to be read slowly, to actually follow the info. I agree with what you say about writing styles also,and I have my favourites. [muscare]

i am a slow reader, too. it always take me about a week to finish reading a novel. you are right that it doen't matter whether a fast one or a slow foot. what is important is, that we are able to read and fully grasp what is it that we are reading about. i am also amazed at those who reads so fast and yet, they have full understanding of the novel that they have gone thorugh. they can remember even the names of the characters therein and also the events which just pass by me. that is the gift that they have, i believe, and i do not happen to have it. anyway, i am happy with the way that i am, so i do not envy these talented ones. [trinidadvelasco]
No, I don't have the gift of reading fast and remembering, and don't know whether it is something that I can improve on. I think I will stay happy with the speed I read at most times, and maybe occaisionally practice some quicker reading with unimportant material. I don't know if this old dog can learn new tricks,lol! [muscare]