Do You Use Reading Glasses Or Have Any Difficulties Seeing Close Up

I am wondering how many people at myLot have some difficulty reading without reading glasses? How do you feel about it? How do you deal with it? I used to be nearsighted only, meaning that I have trouble seeing far away. I wear contacts to correct that problem. In the last two years, my vision for close up/ reading etc., with my contact lenses on has gone down so now when I wear my contacts, I have to wear my reading glasses. If I decide to take my contact lenses out,I see close up clearly but cannot see far away. I find this very frustrating and wonder what options there are for dealing with it... Do you use reading glasses? How do you feel about them? How do you deal with using them? Do you wear contacts or glasses for distance vision?

[question posted by whiteheron]

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I am having problem reading when the object is far. I had an eye check-up and the optician told me I have 50-50. She told me, it is still manageable but one of these days, I need to use reading glasses or contact lenses. I think if that time comes, I prefer reading glasses. But I have seen many who wear contact lenses for better mobility. I think you can choose what is comfortable for you. thank you. [Prophet_Warrior]
I have been wearing glasses/corrective lenses for eight years now. I wear them especially for distance and driving. I wear them for reading. I do not know if I am ever far or near sighted at all. I never will think about having contact lenses at all. I always have my eyes checked every couple years now. [Jakesnake1978]

Iīve reading glasse,but I never use them. Beacuse I feel donīt comfortable with them. Very often,itīs ok for me to read without them. When I get tired in my eyes,I stop reading. [Garfield1]
I know Iīm smarthappy Itīs good to stop reading for an hour or two,both for your eyes,and your brain [Garfield1]

i am using glasses since i have problem to see far away object as like you, i think. and i wear my glasses daily cause its little bit bother to use or not use. using contact lense seems simple to wear than glasses but the treatment not easier as like use glasses. unclean hands can make your eyes getting irritation while you use contact lensesad so far, i tried to minimized my eyes problem in traditional ways cause in modern one, we can do laser operation for our eyes back to normal again and surely it needs high cost which i can't afford it. just wondering if there is any methods to reduce my eyes problem in sight [plumwish07]
We both wonder what to do. I have been using contact lenses for the last twenty years and they are fine for me. I only use glasses typically for reading and do not like that I have to use them but am glad that they are available to me for so little money... Wishing you the best. [whiteheron]

I'm short sighted, so usually wear glasses. I can read without glasses, but the book has to be pretty close, only a few inches from my face. [egdcltd]
Thanks for posting here... Wishing you many happy reading moments. [whiteheron]

I am near sighted. I have to wear my glasses pretty much all the time because writing is everywhere. I need glasses to read, watch tv, and be on the computer as well as seeing the board. Wearing glasses doesn't really faze me anymore since I have been wearing them since I was in the first grade. I got tired of my glasses and stopped wearing them for a whole year and that's when my eyes got worse, so now I just wear them all the time. [RenaCeline]
I am glad that you found glasses to help you see better. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

I do wear reading glasses. I have a far sight problem. I cant distingish the letters from a distance with normal eyes. I am wearing spex since almost 7 years now. Though my eyesight is not that weak. its hardly -1 for both the eyes for far vision. I keep my glasses wearing bcoz of precautionary measures. I dont want my eye sight to deteoriate. I dont have any problems in reading from near by objects. Infact i can roam around freely without my glasses but it has come into my habit now. I actually need them only while attending a lecture and that too when i am sitting at the back. I take them off when i am doinf a very rigorous physical activity like when i go for swimming or when i am bowling in cricket and when i m sleeping or having a bath. For rest of the situations, i dont think i need to avoid wearing glasses. I have never used lenses in all those seven years. People say that glasses suit me [vipulchawla]
Ya may be. Most of my friends knew me when i already had my specks on.. Moreover it has been a long time since i have been wearing specs. So i think they have got used to it and now feels odd when i am without them.. [vipulchawla]

I do wear reading glasses. Without them most print is a blur and totally unreadable. It is quite normal as you get older for your eyesight to change. I had perfect eyesight when I was young. I don't mind wearing glasses to read, I just find them a bit of a nuisance to keep putting them on and taking them off at times. It's no problem if I sit down to read a book but when I am out shopping I have to put them on to read the label or the price and so I have to carry them with me all the time. [paid2write]
I thought that since I had difficulty seeing far I would be spared the having to use glasses to read... I a part of me feels like a little kid having a temper tantrum and saying "It's not fair." Grins. It is nice to have the reading glasses available at a good price yet... They are indeed a nuisance to keep putting them on and taking them off at times. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

I have to wear reading glasses.Iam far sited.Even with the glasses on if the paper,book,computer screen is too close to me then it is blurry.I first got prescription glasses and they worked fine.Then they broke,the lens just fell out.I took them back to the doctor and my insurance would not cover another pair.Even thou the break was not my fault I think they should of just gave me another pair,but they wouldn't.I have got cheap reading glasses from Target and the dollar store.They work fine as far as me seeing.But,they are cheap,so I have to buy a few pairs a year.The clerk at the dollar store told me that a few people come in there once every few months and buy about a dozen of them and keep one in each room,one in their car and one in their purse or pocket.They also keep an extra pair at their job.They work,just as well as the prescription ones and of course the optomitrist will tell you,not to use those cheap glasses because they want your money. [dfollin]
I find that the cheap glasses work well too for the reading. My optometrist was okay with me using them as I already have contacts for distance vision. He said if the near vision worsens though we might have to think about other things... Not sure yet what that will be and don't really want to find out. [whiteheron]

i dont havereading glasses but i do wear glasses. its for my astigmatism and i dont have perfect vision. hehe i haveglasses since i was 12 years old. [chiyosan]
I am glad that you have those glasses... I'll bet the world looks a lot better with them than without. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

I'm nearsighted and wear glasses. They used to be really thick glasses but I got Lasic about eight years ago and can see alright without glasses except for driving. Can't read without magnifiers, though! In my case, it's just a matter of getting older. I'm too cheap to get bifocals so I get reading glasses at the dollar store for $1 a pair. It's a real inconvenience, especially when I can't remember where I put my reading glasses, but that's life. And if I have enough light--sunlight is good--I can even read without glasses, at least for now! [dragon54u]
It is wonderful to have light enough to see by. Don't you hate trying to see menus in those restaurants with candle light or dimmed lighting. The meals taste better often in those places but ordering is difficult unless one has favorites memorized. Thank goodness for the reading glasses which come to the rescue in those circumstances. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

I have wore Glasses since I was 11 years old now I have byfocals to read with [Lakota12]
didnt take long just have to tilt my head up to read the internet or down like reading glasses to read a book had them so long I pay no attention to them [Lakota12]

i do not need reading glasses yet. i am 47 and have been nearsighted since the age of 11 so i have worn glasses for distance since. my vision has gotten worse but i wear my distance glasses all of the time and have for years. [mikeysmom]
It seems that when I wear an old pair of my glasses which probably has less correction, I can read close up easily... It is with the contacts with more correction to see distances better that the close up vision is affected. I think that perhaps you will retain your ability to see close up well for a very long time. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

I can't read anything without my glasses, and I am also restricted on my drivers license. I wear my glasses pretty much 24/7. In my right eye, the optic nerve didn't fully develop, so I was always nearsighted in it. They gave me glasses when I was about 12, but I rarely ever wore them. I just put everything up to my face to read! lol When I was about 40, my left eye became farsighted. I knew something was wrong, because I started having lots of problems seeing anything. So pretty much since then I have been wearing glasses and bi-focals at that! I don't mind wearing them at all; I really appreciate that there is something that helps. I've thought about contacts, but I have such eye allergies that I'm afraid to try them. [CherylsPearls]
If you are wearing glasses and they are good for you, then perhaps staying with them is a good idea. I use lens solutions for sensitive eyes and never used the enzymes as they, even when they were rinsed off well, caused irritation and burning. It did take some time getting used to the contacts but now everyone is used to seeing me in them and my vanity would like to keep me in them. grins. You may be better off as the glasses are cheaper. [whiteheron]

No, but I do use glasses to see afar, and wearing these glasses, has actually made my closeup vision worse, i think i should stop wearing them al lthe time. [sabbathandruth]
I wonder about eye exercises and if they would help. I know that it is a wise idea to look up and away when looking at things close up. I wonder if times without the glasses might be good... It is indeed a possibility but please wear them if you are walking, driving or boating so you will see well enough. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

Hello, whiteheron. I'm suppose to use glasses when reading or driving. Now do I? NO! I wing it like a hard headed idiot and squint. That something I should stop doing. And I dont like contacts they make your eyes dry and itchy! [sophiasmom911]
I must admit that I for a time thought I could get by with a magnifying glass disguised as a necklace for reading but soon found that was not good enoughsad. Those glasses for driving were not something I could forgo as I know that I would not have been able to see any street signs without them and would have driven by even my best friends without recognizing them and waving "hello." If you ever do use those glasses for distance vision you might find that there are some interesting people looking at you and smiling at you and a lot of beautiful scenes to appreciate. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

My eye guy told me last time I got glasses I should get bi focals and I refused saying I was too young. I regret it now as I have a problem reading and have to hold things at arms length to read them which makes me look older that bifocals would have. Can't win for losing sometimes! [whywiki]
Sound like you are a candidate for two pairs of glasses... a very cheap pair for reading which you can often find at drug stores and the other one that you now have for distance vision... You are not alone in not wanting to wear bifocals. I too would resist this idea. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

I have gotten to the point where I am going to have to utilize reading glasses real soon, whiteheron. At the present, my arms are still long enough to hold the item out so that I can read it, but I know my days are numbered. [Transdisc]
I suspect that you are right about what is yet to come for me. I am nearsighted and wore spectacles or contact lenses for 26 years until about 4 years ago, when a friend of me gave me the gift of eye surgery. It has been an amazing thing being able to see without the aid of any lenses. But now I am experiencing something new with having to use a lens to see to read up close. I suspect I'll be wearing a pair of reading glasses around my neck real soon. [Transdisc]

I use to wear over the counter glasses, but just last year finally had my eyes examined after about 12 years of those glasses. I have ruined my eyes totally. I am almost legally blind in the left eye. Doesn't help much since the eye doctor discovered that my left eye muscles never developed from childhood. And I use to go to the eye doctor all of the time. But I now wear lovely trifocals. But they are alright, since they are progressive ones. I use to not have any problems far away or near, but it got to the pint where I couldn't see to drive, so I knew I had to do something. I'm blind as the bat now if I don't have these things on. I would love to have lazer surgery, but they say no, because if by some chance they would damage my right eye then I would be legally blind. And contacts are out of the question. Have a wonderful day. [PamE53]
I am glad that you have the lovely trifocals... and glad that you can see to drive, etc. Congratulations on that. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

My eye doctor prescribed "monovision"....I wear one contact lense for close work and one contact lense for distance. She said some people can't adjust to this, but it works great for me....I also wear graduated bifocals when i wear my regular glasses...not bad [Eileensullivan51]
Thanks for posting here... I am glad that you chose to post your first post here. I wonder about the monovision as my eyes both are needing a lot of correction to see distances and as I used to be pretty klutzy as a child when I could not see well. I am glad that the monovision works well for you. Wondering when you use those graduated bifocals and how long it took to get used to seeing out of them and knowing which place to look for which type of vision correction? Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

i would suggest u to have a laser treatment. glases and contacts r old fasioned now a days. move on as the world changes [josephjoshyjoy]
I was told that laser would still not correct everything that is wrong with my eyes so I would still most likely have to wear contacts or glasses. I also admit that I am a whimp when it comes to surgery of any kind, laser or otherwise. I don't like pain. If I can avoid it, it do. [whiteheron]

Ihad to start wearing glasses when I was nine as I had had the measles and they affected myeyes. I was and still am near sighted. I wear glasses all the time as I cannot see wellwithout them for distance at all. I hated them as a kid but that was because the only ones they had were ugly round things that made you look ugly now days most glasses are really rather attractive so you can have good sight and still look good at the same time. [Hatley]
I congratulate you for surviving all of that and for now being able to find glasses you like to wear. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

I have all the same problems you do. With my contacts in, I need readers. Without my contacts in, I wear glasses that are bi-focals, but you can't really tell. What makes me mad, is if you want to buy a trendy pair of readers, they're almost $30 at CVS. I hope my cheap ones never break. My eye doctor told me my vision is 20 over 2400. I can't see the big E. Some people consider Lasik, but that's a negative for me. [anawar]
I am not at the bifocal stage yet... At least I hope not... If I use my old glasses with an old prescription, I might not see as clearly far away but the close up vision is still good but with my contact lenses there is indeed a big need for the reading glasses... I get the $9.99 ones at CVS and I find that they are okay as far as looks. I have a non-trendy face so it is okay with me that I don't have the $30 ones... It sounds like your eyesight is a bit worse than mine... contact lenses I think were 270-300 over 20, still not a good thing. I agree with your feelings regarding Lasik. It's good to see you here thanks for posting. [whiteheron]

I am near sighted but over the years i pretty much need my glasses for everything - i can barely see the big "e" on the eye charts!! If I am reading sometimes I won't wear my glasses but usually i need them or i start getting a terrible headache. [vera5d]
I'm glad that you have glasses available to you. Thanks for posting. [whiteheron]

Yes, when, I need to change my prescription in my glasses, I will have a problem seeing up close. Like as of now, my computer is really close to my eyes.... [cream97]
Good luck for you in getting a good prescription... hoping that you will be able to stop having to have your computer so close to your eyes. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

No, my eyes are perfectly fine BUT I've always wondered how it feels. Like when I'm looking straight, what I see is a blur, literally. [frozenshade]
I hope that your vision remains fine and that you never find out what it feels like to see a blur. [whiteheron]

I wear glasses and now I am finding that in some light that I have to remove my glasses to read. If I am outside, I don't need to take my glasses off, but if I am inside with a lamp, off comes the glasses. I guess I am just starting to get old. [kaysue4]
It sounds like you are getting younger if you are taking off and not putting on your glasses to see better... thanks for posting. [whiteheron]

I have worn glasses since I was 12 for close up. My far vision is pretty good still. A few years back, my daughter broke my prescription glasses and I could not afford to replace them so now I just buy the prescription glasses out of the drug store. It used to be that I didn't have to wear them too often at all but as I've gotten older and since I've gotten my computer, my eyes have gone downhill and I wear them much more frequently. I wish I didn't need them but I am so used to them at this point, i just deal with it. [sid556]
You are a wise person to "just deal with it." Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

i have them for distance,like if i'm watching tv. if i didn't have stigmatism,i probably wouldn't need them at all,because i have no problem with up close things.i had thought about having corrective surgery,but i don't trust it quite yet.after all,it only takes one chance to make it worse. [scarlet_woman]
I share the same distrust in the surgery... It is nice that they have glasses to treat all kinds of things... Thanks for posting. [whiteheron]

While I am considered far sighted and therefore needing of glasses to view things up close - I really do rely on them for all vision now. [Modestah]
Hoping that you have gone to the eye doctor and have a good pair of glasses and are not like me with the cheapie drug store variety. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

I am very happy that my eyes are health enough that I can read without glasses. When I was in my junior school, some of my classmates began to wearing glasses, and in the high school 80% of my classmates were short-sighted. Now in college, the one without glasses are like the panda in the world. I have a period with problems with my eyes. But after about three years treatment, now it is health again. So when my classmates find that I am not a shortsighted, they are astonished at that. And think I am not a human.hehe. [nini168]
You are just an extra special human with great eyesight... I think that is wonderful. Thanks for sharing here. [whiteheron]

i am nearsight too.i have a poor eyesight. i wear glasses. when reading or typing,i need to wear my glasses. it's not convenience for me to wear glasses coz i always do sports. [xialinye]
I can understand that it would not be convenient what with sweating, weather changes causing steam, etc. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

Hi whiteheron, I have been wearing glasses for most of my life, and only take them off when I'm sleeping. I can't imagine not wearing them. Blessings. [Pose123]
Blessing to you too and thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

I need reading glasses for small print but not for regular reading. Most of the time, I need the light on a little more. I have never been near sighted and I find much of the reading material is designed for near sighted people. On you might need bifocals or trifocals. I find that my husband needs them and his oldest sister had to have them. You can get them where the line is almost invisible. But you need a prescription to get them and you might try get eye insurance, since as you get older, you will need stronger glasses. That is what happened with my husband. His glasses are so thick that- [suspenseful]
It is a sad thing that you speak of here... I will tell myself that my eyes will get better and better as I would rather have them do so than to get stronger glasses... grins... Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

You probably won't like me for this but I can see perfect. I can see a tick on a blood hound in the next county. I'm 40 but I've got 20/20. My wife needs contacts to see, when she gives me a look I tell her that she's got million dollar eyes, and I'm not kidding. [gitfiddleplayer]
lol "million dollar eyes" I'll bet she look a bit angry at you then... I still like you even if you have perfect vision... After all someone's got to hold the standard of perfection as not all of us can be graced with vision that is sub par. [whiteheron]

Up until about 3 years ago when I got cataracts, I had trouble seeing far away, and I could see great up close to read and all. If somebody had trouble reading the really tiny print on something, I could read it. After my cataract surgery and implants, I now can see far away (20/20!) but I can't see anything up close anymore! So now I have reading glasses lol. Actually, I have glasses that have tri-focals, the top is clear, the middle is for seeing the computer, and the bottom is for seeing anything lower (like a book, etc.) I pretty much keep them on all the time when I'm on the computer and all, but only because it's easier. I tried contacts once, and I just couldn't stand them. [JoyfulOne]
I think you are pretty amazing... for going through what you have gone through... surgery and glasses... and you have recovered from one and adjusted to the other one... Good job! Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

I had that problem, as well. It was very frustrating. I had laser surgery (custom vue lasik) in one eye to correct the nearsidedness. The surgeon left the other eye just as it was. Eventually my eyes adjusted to this and I use the corrected eye to see at a distance and the other eye to read with. I had my doubts that I'd ever get used to it, but I did and I love it! No more glasses or contacts and I can see both far and up close. [LovingIt]
It is a good thing that you did get adjusted to it. You are amazing... first because you had courage enough to get the surgery and second because you adjusted to that. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

Luckily, I don't have to use reading glasses when reading books but I think I would have to soon because sometimes, my eyes are getting very sore due to I am always working in front of the computer. My opto told me that I will only wear it when in front of the PC. I think it is okay to wear glasses from time to time. Have a great day! Cheers! [jesbellaine]
Yes, you are right. I will follow your advice WhiteHeron! I need to rest my eyes... Thanks! [jesbellaine]

Hy, I don't have eyeglasses ore contact lences, I think Its normal that someone is vearing contact lences ore eyeglasse, I have 18 years I read a lot on computer and many books, But I don;t have any problems with reading I see perfectly every detail, If you eat a lot of carrott you won;t have problems with you're eyes, Kepp reading, Greet. [Alixander]
I should have had those carrots... Bugs bunny was on to something good after all... grins. I am glad that you have good vision and I hope that you continue to do so throughout your life. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

im not using both, because i can say that thanks god for my sight, till know is fine even do im far. [Ohara_1983]
same as you my dear friend,always god will blessed you & youur family. [Ohara_1983]

I wear glasses for distance, but lately the distance seems to be getting closer, if ya know what I mean - LOL!!! [dmillman]
Unfortunately, I do, only too well. lol. Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

I wear reading glasses as I am long sighted - I can read fine without them & see clearly but I get eye strain & headaches. I don't need glasses for distance vision though as that is where my strength is with my eyesight. [toosh21]
Thanks for posting here regarding your glasses. Wishing you happiness and freedom from headaches. I like your happy frog avitar. [whiteheron]

I aslo have this problem.Ialways use reading glasses.I think it is inconvenient. [simaqian]

It is usual to people nearsighted,I am one also.I work with computers the whole day.It is rather difficult for me see the screen clearly without glasses.May be sometimes I feel uncomfortable if glasses were left in home.However,I am ok walking on the street.I never call people passed by the wrong names.I can distinguish them clearly in distance. I am unwilling to make friends with glasses but I have to.I hate them. [Crystalxdr]
The good thing is that people still will like you even when you are wearing glasses and in fact some people like people who wear glasses better as they look more intelligent... Thanks for posting here. [whiteheron]

I hate wearing reading glasses and i am glad i can still read perfectly without it. [giePortlandOR_08]
Thank you!I have 20/20 visionlol. [giePortlandOR_08]

i use glasses. But my problem is not near sight but it is far sight. I had lenses of 25-50 power. I use them while going out or reading long distance like reading out an preesntation or black board. And yes i use glasses for reading online or on my computer to avoid reflections. [kriskhedkar]
Thanks for posting about your glasses. I appreciate it. Have a good day! [whiteheron]

I always wear my glasses all the time. That way I can see closer and farther out. Especially whenever I do read. I wear glasses for distance and driving. I never know if I am ever near or far-sighted at all. I have been wearing glasses for eight years now. Especially when I am watching tv I wear glasses. So overall, alot, I always wear glasses. I do not know if I ever gonna think about contacts at all. [Jakesnake1978]
I am glad that you have the glasses in order to see better... It is hard to imagine that there was once a time when no glasses existed for people to wear. I am glad that it is not that way in our time. [whiteheron]

i dont use reading glasses but im had some problems reading objects at far. [gloreymay]
It sounds like you might benefit from going to an optometrist to see if you could get glasses for nearsightedness which is the ability to see near but not far. [whiteheron]

Hi Whiteheron, I have two set of glasses, one is double vision for reading and driving and the other one in between the two for my computer monitor. I did over stress my eye with computers because I had a 20/20 vision then. Now I can't read text over my screen with out them. I had this for almost three years now and I'm fully adjusted. It is really very frustrating the first time. [ferdzNK]

Readin glasses don't make any difference for me, so I do not use them. My eyes are lousy, and I need to old the book close to my ace,. It's always been hat way and I am used to it. [danishcanadian]

I have the same problem as you. I used to wear contacts but now that I can't see up close either, I can't wear contacts anymore and I wear glasses now. I hate them, to be honest. I went and got a new pair of glasses and had to get either bifocal or progressive. So I went with the more expensive progressives and I have had nothing but trouble with my neck and back. I have to lift my head back to see out of the bottom of them when I am working on the computer or watching TV. I am now going to a chiropractor two or three times a week because of my back and my neck being so bad. It wouldn't have matter if I bought bifocals, I still would have the same problem. So what I am going to do now, is see if I can get my eyes lasered. Because I have to do something to take the pressure off of my back and neck or quit working the computer all together. Right now my back and neck are really sore so I can't stay on for very long. [chrislotz]