Reading The Same Book More Than Once

there are books that i love to read over and over again, and each time i learn something new, or sometimes how i understood it the first time i read it changes the next time i read it again. you ever had this experience. have you also read a book more than once or twice?

[question posted by jdpartosa]

responses and comments:

I re-read my favorite books several times. don't know that I get anything new out of the book besides enjoyment. [ElicBxn]

Yes I read many of my favourite books more than once. Why wouldn't you if it's a good book. My best one is the Bible. [SiresTheOne]

Generally I don't like to read book again twice of ore times than that. But there are some really good books which I can read again and again. Same thing with movies also. There are some good movies which I don't mind to watch two three times. [sweetlady10]
i quite agree with you. before i became an avid reader, i go to cinemas. i remember watching "Jurassis Park" 4 times, "Aladdin" 4 times. [singlepixel]

I love the "No.1 Ladie's Detective Agency" Book series by Alexander McCall Smith. I could read them over and over for pure entertainment value. The title is deceptive actually because it is less to do with detective stories and more about life in Botswana, the customs, the people, and it is done with great wit and humour. [urbangirl]

Sure, I'll read books over again. Since most of my books are references, or history related they are constantly being referred to for further study. However, some of the lighter works are technical or philosophical in some way, I re read them again and note the changes in my understanding. Here's a partial list of the one's I reread... Richest Man in Babylon (annual read) None Dare Call it Treason (every four years) Bible and other religious works (not as often as I should) [wolves69]

I actually love doing this and is my major source of enjoyment. I don't care how many times I have read it before, I still love the book. I find myself that way with Dean Koontz novels. He is a fascinating writer and his mind is even more twisted and genius (maybe lower key so you can understand it better) than Stephan Kings.... Definately worth the reread... [tanniebabe78]

i've had a few novels i read more than once. but the second time i read them usually i just jump from interesting page to another interesting page. (do study books count?) [singlepixel]

Some non-fiction books grab my attention quite a lot. I read them again and again. I feel great enjoyment in doing so. [sukumar794]

Yep, I go into cycles where I'll just need to pickup an old familiar book again. I'm thinking that it's comforting. My most-read books are "Lord Of The Rings", and "The Silmarillion", both by Tolkien. [DarlingGirl]

I am agree to you that reading a book again and again help a lot i too use to read all my favourite books again and again and i learn more and more from them. sometimes we feel that i have learnt a lot on some topic but i had read one pharase in some books and i find it realy workable idea the phrase is " More You Learn More You Know How much You Don't know" [skbadhan]

Yes, if a book is well-written and the storyline good, (I normally read historical novels and legends), I will go back and read it again. Ok, you know how the ending goes, but it's the sheer joy of the written word from some authors which makes the book. It also is a learning curve when you're reading historical novels and legends, because most of them are based on real happenings. Brightest Blessings and Happy Reading. [Darkwing]

I sometimes reread books. And yes when I reread them I also find that my understanding of things in the book has changed. Sometimes I seem to notice things in the book that I didn't notice before. I'll think to myself "I don't remember reading that." but of course I know I have. I suppose our brains just pick certain things to take in at one time and the next time we read the same book we pick up other things. [craftwave]

I do read books more than once. Right now, I am going through the Harry Potter series again so I am more up on what is going to happen in book 7. I wait for awhile before I read them again. I like to go back and just picture in my mind what the characters look like and such. Sometimes, I can get so in to it, that I feel like I am there witnessing it firsthand. I love to read and I have my ultra favs that I have read more than three times. [student7]

I have some books that I read more than once because I learn something new from them each time. As I get older and gain more knowledge about some areas I find that a book I've read before will give me even more than I gained from it when I was younger. That's true for both fiction and non-fiction, but what I usually gain from rereading fiction is a repeat of the original enjoyment. [unusualsuspect]

I have many books that I read more then once. If I really enjoy them then re-reading them is like visiting with a good friend. It's the same with tv shows or movies. Even if I have seen them before it is nice to see them again. To know what will happen but still enjoy the story line or the characters. To me it's a lot of fun. [emeraldisle]

There are a few books which i've read more than once becuase i enjoyed the so much the first time i wanted to read them again. I did find that second time round i read things i'd missed the first time or had a better udnerstanding of them. [hezoid]

I have some books I return to every year, usually because they pick me up if I am feeling miserable. I think I have read Lord of the Rings at least once a year since I was about 7! I read the Clan of teh Cave Bear Series if I am feeling ill, it puts me back in perspective, and I love the Terry Pratchett books if I ned a giggle. [nancygibson]

well i have read lot of books more than once. some are because i forgot whether i have read a book or not. some were because i like them so much that i cant live without it.i have read all of the harry potters and lord of the rings three or more than that times.well reading it again does take an heavy toll on suspense still some books are still good without suspense and you knowing the whole story.well i speaking about fiction. i dont really read non fiction so i dont know much about reading them more than once or not. text books are read more than once by me but i dont read any other non fiction more than once. there is no point in reading a non fiction if you have all teh knowledge they provide stored in your head. well if you lack in memory then that is a problem .nothing that can be cured though.. [prajihere]

I have read many books more than once. I love Anne Rice and have read many of her novels more than once. I love stephen Kings book Bag of Bones and it is such a good read I read it at least 3 times already. There is a book I have read a couple of times and it is by Anne River Siddon, not one of my favorite authors, but I have read her book Colony several times. For some reason it just appealed to me and I loved it. I have a very tattered copy I have carried from place to place with me over the years during every move, I make sure I have that book. [mamasan34]

I have a hard time reading a fiction book a second time. It just isn't as fun for me when I know what is going to happen next. But, I do like to re-read self help and other informative books. [woobie]

ve lot of books that i read more than one time, harry potter for exemple I have read 32 times!!! other books i do the same, but no 32 times.. harry potter is the one that i read more.. I love this book!! [GabrielGebara]

unluckily,i donot have such kind of habit ,for once i finished a book ,i donot want to go over it again .then i will read new books,i am intersted in new things. [zhentao111]

I have several books I like to read more than once. In some cases I just love the story and love reading it, in other cases I manage to understand the text better or find a new meaning from the book. I often have read a certain book once and hated it only to love it after giving it a second chance. This way I also get the most out of my books as some of them aren't cheap. [5000ml]

yeah I have read harry potter 3rd,5ht and 6th book 4 times,mansfield park twice,and Pride and prejudice 4 times.and many other books over and over again..there's not a book I have not read more than once... [henazea]

yes, i also re read the books which are my favourite, i learn from it something else when i rerad it. [alpine_007]

this is one thing which i too have noticed ...there are certain books which i feel like reading again and again ..." 5 point someone "is a book which i dont mind reading at any time ..fiction books like davinci code too is addictive and it wont leave you until u donate the book 2 someone!! [coool_shetty]

I have a few treasured favourites that I have read so many times, I have them almost memorized. I can quote things from the pages of those books, and tell you the page, and the line on the page where the quote can be found. [danishcanadian]

No i am not habitual to reading books over and over again but every book which leaves an impression on my mind i summarize it and keep a record of it with me clearly mentioning what it said and how it can help me perform better. I have a good thick file of these summaries and go through these summaries once in a year or so. [limcyjain]