Watching Movie Or Reading -- Which Do You Prefer

I've read a lot of books, which later on I've seen on TV/movie. I also watched lots of movies, which I read on books thereafter. Watching on TV and reading on books are almost the same. Sometimes I prefer to read on books because it is very detailed and it doesn't put a limit to my imagination. On the other hand, watching movies isn't bad either since it's much faster. I guess both will do for me. How about you? Which do you enjoy more?

[question posted by nrtan2000]

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I think they're different experiences. I think it's better to read the book first because otherwise you tend picture everything like the movie. It's interesting to see the difference between how you visualised something and how the film makers did. [jb78000]
Hi jb! I definitely agree with out. That's what I like about reading, too. Thanks for your response. [nrtan2000]

hi nrtan, i prefer to read books than watching movies,because it gives the real expressions the author wanted to give and the story line to remains unchanged,but in movies,there might be a modification in the storyline and the dialogues.but there are times when i have watched a movie because i like the book. [vnrsudhan]
Yeah. It's quite different if the actors couldn't act the same way as being described in the book. Thank you. [nrtan2000]

For me sometimes i prefer watching movies than reading a book. when reading a book, it makes me feel sleepy after 4-7 pages. but if i really really like the book, i will still finish it eventhough it would take me months or days :) [chelley]
LOL. Watching movies finish sooner than reading. =) Thanks! [nrtan2000]

Before watching a movie based on a novel,I prefer reading it first.It helps me to understand the movie better. I like watching movies...Quiet a couple of years back I watched Da Vinci code but I cannot follow it properly. But after reading the novel I understand that it is an ultimate thrillers. [tuyakiki]
Hi tuyakiki. I have read da vinci code, but haven't watched the movie entirely. Do you think the movie complements the details in the book? =) [nrtan2000]

Hii nrtan2000, I love reading a lot. So i prefer to read first then watch it. As novel has a detailed description I will clearly understand the whole story then if i loved the novel i would go for a movie. Thank you. [suj123]
That's nice. Thanks for your response. =) [nrtan2000]

i definitely prefer watching movies to reading books. with movies i can really see what's going on,almost like in real life. i don't really like reading and i don't have a strong imagination so it's kinda hard for me to imagine things while reading. [aidenw]
Hi aidenw. Maybe there are some books that are very detailed, while there are some that couldn't even point out anything. THanks for sharing! [nrtan2000]

I really couldn't say whether I have a preference between watching a movie and reading a novel or a book. These activities aren't the same kind of experience, and they don't give the same kind of satisfaction. I don't get the same things out of these two activities, which is why i really don't have a preference between the two. [dodo19]
Okay. Yes, not the same kind of satisfaction. Thanks for your time dodo! [nrtan2000]

One of my old teachers adviced us to always watch the movie before reading the book, that way we wouldn't get disappointed in the film he said. I can see his point - sometimes the book is really good and very detailed and many of those details have been changed or omitted in the movie, but I still like to watch movies that I have read in books. I love reading and I read many books, but I also like to watch movies. I guess my conclusion is that I like both things very much. [Porcospino]
Hello! =) Yes, I totally agree! Thanks for sharing. I think I myself love to watch a movie of the books I've read, too. [nrtan2000]

I prefer watching movies for i have alot of movies to watch, it could be series or a movie, if i happends to read, i will only read computer magazines which i have to buy them first. [heehaw78]
Yes, lots of time because it finishes sooner. Thanks for your response. [nrtan2000]

I'd much rather read the book, it's so much more interesting and imaginative than watching a movie. It just seems more fun to read a book rather than sit in front of a TV XD [Daae92]

I prefer to read the book. As you say, you can use your imagination more, and there is much more detail. Sometimes I will avoid movies of books I've read, if the actors playing the leading roles are not physically as I imagine the characters. I think movies of Shakespeare plays can be very helpful in helping people unfamiliar with the plays to understand them. I love Kenneth Brabagh's and Laurence Olivier's Shakespeare movies. [Sandra1952]

i prefer watching the movie version if this is what you're meaning to.. it's better to watch and criticize later. hehehe.. with the book version, it's fine with me but once i read the story, i wont watch it anymore. i normally get disappointed if that happens.. [thaMARKER]

I like to do both. It is interesting to see how the books compare the movie, and it is interesting to see what kind of things they change in the movie. It is of course a lot easier to watch a movie, but you get more details and more perspective from a book. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. So I would say they are equal to me. [ladym33]

i prefer to watch movies more to reading because i enjoy it more and it is faster... i can straight away know the whole story in less than 2 hours while i have to spend more time if i have to read the book... but sometimes i like to read as well as it can improve on my grammar and english language... take care and have a nice day... [lingli_78]

If the movie is action and horror i will prefer to watch it than reading a book. But if i am to choose the two i like reading because from time to time i can read it and i can learn something like some words and reading it always i will be familiar of such words, same in the movie that if you a copy of it in cd or dvd's you can also watch time to time, but still reading is better because you can stop then continue again without wasting electricity unlike watching. [glesil_00]

Yeah I Love Reading About A Movie Before Actually watching it because it gives me more insight about the movie. [Ramadan24]

i dont mind reading but i am more amuse if i watch movie, and i dont have to read and stuff like that, i only listen and use my ears and eyes, i think i dont like reading that much. i enjoy watching movie more better than reading. but i do read some novels and books that interest me sometimes. happy mylotting!!! [itsme_cha]

I prefer reading books rather than watching the movie adaptation. Reading is like my first love. Reading lets my imagination run wild. I also like watching movies but not that much, especially when it is based on a book. I don't like watching movies based on a book because most times, it is disappointing. The movie does not portray the book exactly. It usually skips some scenes and chapters. To add, I hate it when the director/producer of the movie changes and edits some scenes in the book. [zzyw87]

Reading is definitely much more enjoyable than watching movies. It offers so much more than what movies offer, and what it offers cannot be reproduced in a movie format. You get a more deeper understanding of how the characters feel by reading books, whereas your interpretation of characters in movies might be limited, not as deep, or perhaps even totally misinterpreted. [itszlikewhoa]

I agree with you in books there is no limit.Only the writers imagination is the limit.But in movies there is limitation like money and other features.So i like reading more. [newstar117]

I really enjoy doing both. The books give great details and descriptions which is good for the imagination. The movies are good to watch too. I read The Da Vinci Code and then watched the movie. I preferred the book better. [chunijole]

It will be depended : If there good movie I will go to watch movie, if there any new and good book (and free as gift or gimmick) I will read this book .. good book was similar to good movie it can make me forget everything and will never pass it. thanks for your good post. [justinus]

I prefer watching movies. I have an imaginative mind but reading books just kind of stresses me out. I prefer watching movies where everything is served from characters, plot and special effects. Reading just won't give justice to a story, at least for me personally. I don't mind reading about something after i have watch the movie about it. I think it will help me understand the movie well. [modstar]

Actually, I do love reading and watching movies. Like what you've said I've ready a lot of books which later on where put into movies. At the same time, I have watched a few movies which I read on books thereafter. I just have a problem with those books turned into movies since they are not all the same with whats in the book which is kinda not exciting anymore. That is why, I do prefer reading the book before watching the movie because it is more detailed and has more actions in it. But whatever it is, I still love both. I do love to read depending on the book or magazine or article. I do love to watch movies depending on the story. [snugglepuff09]

id rather read books than watching movies at home. reading books add more learning and knowledge in every aspects. it helps a lot to gain information, latest updates, and you can learn something that , that thing is only in the books. [carrine]

i more enjoy wathcing rather than reading but i prefer reading as the best in terms of widening your imagination.. In watching, every scene are only limited on what you seen on the screen while in reading you can imagine every detail you read on the book.. [bady1988]

I would always prefer watching movies because I can understand more from movies which has some motive. Even though sometimes if there are some problems due to which I can't watch movies then at that time I can prefer reading also. It might be the case that computer is on for long time or there is someone sleeping and I am not able to watch movie in such a case then I can prefer reading also. [rakesh284]

I would much rather read a book. I have read and then seen the movie and was basically like is this the same story?! lol I also find it hard to sit and just watch TV, so Im always missing something and asking hubby or the kids, hey what happened. LOL! [Ithink]

I would rather watch a movie because with a book you may have to image something that you don't know about which is frustrating but with a movie you don't have image at all you can just see it as it is. [spiderlizard22]

i prefer to watching movie/tv,.eevrsince i dont have patience in reading books [mye_drew]

I much prefer to read. In most cases, I think the books are far better than the movie or television versions. With a book you get to use your own imagination, but when it's on screen, everything is there, and due to time constraints, important scenes that were in the book are often left out. I think reading involves your mind much more than watching a screen, therefore keeping your brain active, which I think is important. [kriszelunka]

i know book describe it more in detail but im more a movie kinda a person book [dragonfirelaser181]

It depends on content of book or movie. At the most of time I think book is better. Because most movies can't generate all scenes of books vividly and express author's point accurately. Of course there are still some classic movies, like "The Shawshank Redemption", "Forrest Gump" and "The Godfather" and so on. So I'd like to read book to think and watch movie to relax. [xingxingsky]

I love reading books specially written by my favorite authors. I also watch movies on cd. I'm addicted to it. Stories in books and shown in films had slight difference. Just the same story. I love doing them both.wub [reckon21]

I would actually prefer watching the movie because i think it it much stressful in the eyes and i think it does not take as long as reading a book to finish. I think some books would even take days to finish as compared to a few hour of just watching the movie.But i have also tried reading books before and i think its also fun using our own imagination with regards to the setting, characters and the things that are happening that is being narrated. hehe... Lovee youuuu Teddyyy kuu. hehe huggiesss.... [jewilim]

You'll always get disappointed either way. If you'll read the book and then later on watch the movie, you'll be dismayed on the inaccuracies and limited imagination output on the movie they created. If you'll watch the movie and then read the book afterward, you'll be upset on the simplicity of the book that's very far from the animation and techie art of the film. And either way, the bottle neck will always be your satisfaction and meeting its own demand. :) [cruelsai]