What Type Of Reading Do You Like Most

For me, I prefer to read jokes and something entertaining. As I grow older I find that I like to read lighter and entertaining substances. I used to like reading mysteries and horror novels, but now I don't have much time so I read only light materials. What about you? What is your favorite type of reading material?

[question posted by ladysurvivor]

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I will read anything, but my favorites are mysteries, especially with a forensic edge. I enjoy humor, biography, and whatever else happens to catch my fancy. My current "to-read" list contains as much non-fiction as fiction I think. I'm currently reading Terry Pratchett's "Sourcery" and "Meditation for Dummies" if that gives you an idea! :) [odosbucket]
If I have the time, I would love to indulge myself with a good thick mystery book. I used to read horror stories before. Just that now time doesn't permit me. The two books you are reading... the first one "Sourcery" is that a novel? Hmmm... feels like I am missing my reading habit again. Wish I have the time! Lol... [ladysurvivor]

I am still very much a horror type gal as well as true crime and psychology type books...then there are the spiritual books that I'm a huge fan of and biography type books like When Rabbit Howls or A Child Called It and the like...I do enjoy a funny book every so often though for example I've been on a Christopher Moore kick since discovering him this summer....and I am a HUGE J.R Ward - Blackdagger Brotherhood fan as well [Ravenladyj]
The last time I read a horror book is maybe two years ago. It was a book I bought from the second hand book store. The title is The Piper a very old book written by Campbell Black. Lol. [ladysurvivor]

hello ladysurvivor i like to read cookbooks to find new recipes to fix..i collect cookbooks and i probably have around fifty or so of them in my collection..my favorite cookbook that i have is a signed copy of "There's A Chef In My Family", by Emeril...(i got to see him here at a book signing at the mall a few years ago). and i also like to read the readers digest..i am not into reading novels or books alot..but i like reading short stories that are non-fiction. have a wonderful day! [RLFinNash]
hi thanks so much and the holidays will be rolling around here soon so i'll have to put the cookies on my list of goodies to fix.... have a wonderful day! [RLFinNash]

I started out being a fanatic fantasy fan. Loving David Eddings, Piers Anthony, etc... Then I went off and started reading historical fiction and Latin American fiction (Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Michael and Kathleen O Gear) then I started reading books like "Life of Pi" Memoirs of a Geisha", some canadian fiction like "Beautiful Bones" and "Crow Lake" then Louis L'amour and Zane ?? Grey??-Cowboy Western books and now I'm reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone because I got told the series was better than the movies and I hope it is. I wasn't impressed with the movies. I generally skip around but fantasy is my mainstay. I love Forgoten Realms, Dragon Lance, Wheel of Time, etc.... [PunkyMcPunk]
Memoirs of a Geisha... I am interested to read about it. They are in the films, right? [ladysurvivor]

Hi Ladysurvivor: I prefer historical fiction, sience fiction and fantasy,alien fighting,zombie,end of the world type books. I like to emmerse myself in a world totally different from my own when I read. It's like a mini vacation:) [acuityplague]

I use to read love stories all the time and then I became hooked on true crime stories. Now I just read my Bible and magazine articles. [kimlot]

Hello, Ladysurvivor. This is a topic close to my heart. I absolutely love reading. I like funny books, serious books, fiction, and nonfiction. I like mysteries, suspense thrillers (James Patterson, Harlen Coben), and funny books, too. I particularly enjoy Janet Evanovich's numbered series: One for the Money, Two for the Dough, Three to Get Deadly, etc. I also like the Shopoholic books by Sophia Kinsella. I have read 3 or 4 books about Princess Diana, her life was certainly interesting. I just finished "Shoot the Moon" by Billie Letts and that was good. Anyway, I could go on and on about this subject. What kind of light materials do you read? Take care. PearlGrace P.S. I love your "name"! [PearlGrace]

I usually enjoy mysteries but lately they've begun to bore me. I usually solve the mystery half-way through the novel and it's just no long entertaining. Lately I've been really attached to plays. I especially love Shakespeare. [schwthrt2]

Well I like reading any type of books, text, news,... but lately I've been reading some bussiness books. I liked a lot of the books I've read but need to change a little, want a funny book or a love story [doijunior]

I like to read Jodi Picoult right now. I don't know what you would call her. It's fiction. It's stories based on things that occur in real life and real life situations. So that's currently what I like. I also love me some true crime! [raychill]

I love reading books, so any books will do. But my favorite books are sci fi, classic novels, mystery books and books that has lot of information. Like you reading jokes is one of my favorite. [katkat]

i dont really like to read novels or anything long like that. i like to read maganzines and newspapers as they are shorter and more interesting. [lols189]

I read newspapers, magazines and most of the time, I like to read short stories. I have a good collection of short stories. I hate to read the novels which runs into 400-500 pages. [ssh123]

I love heavy reading. Thick novels that deal with fantasy and scifi are my faves. Magic and all that just catch my attention much more than history, horror, mystery and all that. [k1tten]

My favourite would be travel writing for now. I love to see how the author experiences the new places. It's really fun to read someone's experience getting used to a new place and all the strange places they are going to. I read a book on someone going to Turkey and Iran and her experiences, I must say that they are really interesting. [wondericequeen]

I would have to say Christian literature and self-help are my favorites. I am always finding ways to improve myself. For entertainment, I like to read mystery books. [Rozie37]

I love joke books a lot. I prefer to read novels a lot and books that enlighten our life. In those two categories i read Dan Brown's novels and Robin sharma's novels. Both those authors have made me really good in English. I could not forget Ayn Rand's novels. She is the best author i have seen in bringing ur wish to success. According to her failure on ur path u love is just near to success. I love to read lots of magazines too. thanks for the post. [shriram84]

i'm not specific the books i like to read.Sometimes i like to read novel (mystery,romantic,horrow) or sometimes i like to read magazines. Right now i'm married and i'm more prefer to read magazine like Pa & Ma.Lately i'm busy with my job so i only have time to read newspaper or sometimes survey in the internet only. [MIEANDA01]

It really depends on my mood. Since I'm back at college again, I've been reading the school newspaper to pass my extra time between classes. Sometimes I read magazines. When I have more free time I like to read books, sometimes romance, sometimes horror, sometimes informational/educational. I would say that all of those are my favorites because I'm likely to choose any of them on any day. [shamrock_lassie]

I never seem time to read romance, mysteries or fiction of any kind. The nature of my work requires a lot of research so the books I read are usually health, wellness, whole person healing, spirituality, mystical teachings, metaphysics and empowered living. Gardening books are interesting to read to get new idea. For magazines I like Oprah, Natural Health and a variety of women's magazines. [Perspectives]

I am 38 and I love reading anything. the larger the novel the greater the challenge. Right now I have three books to study by January for exam so I guess I better get to it. I love mysteries, havent read a horror in along time - i love Stephen King though, love books mmmmmmm - I really love them, and children stories too. Look I am a big kid at heart and love being so. I lvoe to sit and read with my daughter as I try to reinforce the need to read and enjoy reading. [Sharon38]

Fiction mostly when I have some time to read. I like reading magazines of all kinds too. [maddysmommy]

I like to read anything in the social sciences, humanities, philosophy, history, current events, politics, and economy. I read the news--although this is generally not pleasant, but simply what I feel I must do to stay informed. I've been reading a lot about the world's elite, and the agendae of many of the world's most powerful institutions--scary sh*te if I may say. I Love to read success stories, inspirational material, and I especially Love to read jokes and the few humorous novels that can be found. Thanks for the post! dr... [DavidReedy]

My favourite genre is detective fiction. I have to admit to being a diehard Agatha Christie fan and have read about 50 of her books. I also enjoy other detective fiction such as books by Elizabeth George whose detective/mystery books with Inspector Lynley as the main character have been televised in recent years in the UK. Aside from these type of books I also enjoy humorous fiction and some chick lit but have no specific favourite authors for those:) [anonymili]

i like interesting books, such as love stories, fashion, exploration and so on. i like reading a 'reader' before i go to bed. it is popular in my country. there are lots of love stories and jokes in it. i like fashion magazines very much, then i can enjoy beauty in them, although i can't afford the clothes in it. i like exploration magazines too. then i can know lots of new things in the world. [wonderful1]

Hello Ladysurvivor! I love reading about beauty, health and nutrition. I don't read books much. I love reading magazines more and I love reading articles online...vani^_^ [indiavani]

Hi Lady S: I like to read poetry, crime novels and history books. Ivor [TheSpy]

well i am not a big reader i prefer short stories and some joke when i am in good mood but actually i love to read real stories specially those which are experience gaining ................. [farazkh1]

I read just about anything that catches my eye. My favorite authors are Amy Tan, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Wally Lamb, and I can't forget David Sedaris. If you need a good laugh read his books! I read Me Talk Pretty One Day and about peed myself laughing several times. [mamasan34]

I love reading.I wish I could have enough time to read anything that I'm interested in.for instance books on history,universe,health,and I used to read a lot of novels. I'm now reading books of philosophy.They are books searching for underlying causes and principles of reality,which seems useless to many people but helpful to me.I'm currently curious about the real nature of life. [rosa_8018]

I love reading books mostly inspirational books from authors Paulo Coelho and Robin Sharma [Nahara]

As for me, I like History and Culture. I read other stuff as well but these two are my favourites. Thanks [deadraven999]

I agree with you, that's my case too. I like to read entertaining stuff because life is hard by itself and we don't need more stuff to depress or scare us. That's just my opinion. Sometimes I have to write stories for my classes and all my stories always have happy endings and I try to make them light so that a person would understand them and also when my friends or professor reads them to make them smile. I like books that make us feel better or give us hope. I know that bad things happen and that people should write about them but I just prefer light stuff. [lorelai]

Now i only reads news papers more. But i like the Detective novels,Crime thrillers,Horror novels etc. Like you i really enjoying the jokes and other funny things.. Thanks for sharing [naseefu]

I used to love to read Anne Rice Vampire books. Unfortunately she no longer writes them, she is now working on Christian stuff. I also like to read the books in the Left Behind series. Some of them were better than others, but I enjoyed the series as a whole. I hav not really had a lot of time to read lately. Plus I need to find a new author that I really like. Unfortunately I don't think there are any other authors out there like the Anne Rice of Old. [thedaddym]

Hi, I like all kinds of reading. Altough I'm busy take care my kids and my house, sometimes my mom and my sister ask for me to drive them here and there, I manage to find my reading time. If I have to choose between movie and book, with the same title, I'll go for the book. Have a nice day..happy [HiLia2008]

i like to read book that i think that book are usefull to me and entertaining of corse.. i like to read harry potter,, all about computer,, internet,, and programing.. thats book i like at most,, and psycologic book and book that can make a new spirit to me like chicken soup etc.. [yohanes_yan02]

The type of reading that I like most is non fiction over fiction. I love to indulge in a good novel but I also like self help, biographies and law. I enjoy reading astrological pieces. The solar system is amazing and horoscopes are good for a laugh, perhaps thought provoking. I too enjoy reading jokes and the comics in the Sunday Times. I love Charlie Brown and Garfield. Horror novels have a place also. I am interested in cooking as well as crafts as well so new recipes or patterns also interest me as well as any books on oil painting techniques. My favorite reading has to be a good page turner that is based on true life crime stories, from a law enforcement point of view. [EvrWonder]