Which Do You Prefer, Reading In Books Or Watching In Tv

Reading is totally different from watching in televisions. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Reading may take us from hours to days, while watching tv is only 2 hours. However, in my opinion, reading in books are way muich better than watching tv. There are, of course, a few exceptions like some books that are not written well. No matter how long it takes me to read a book, I still appreciate reading because it's very descriptive and my imaginations becomes limitless. I also noticed that in books, the story is complete. Unlike in the movies, it is shortened already and many parts are being cut. How about you? Which do you prefer, watching in tv or reading in books? Thanks for your share in advance! =)

[question posted by nrtan2000]

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I am most of the time very tired. From work and household chores. So the TV helps me drone out. I also have an overactive mind, so when I sit in front of idiot tube is the only time I think I can relax my mind. A TV background noise also helps me get going as I do chores in the house. Sometimes, I do appreciate a good book. But lately, I haven't had time to read any. [bounce58]

I prefer to read books than to watch television. I can watch a few interesting programs but there are thousands of books that I like to look at or read. I appreciate reading because I can do it in however long a time I have available. I can read a book at anytime. Certain television programs are on at between nine and ten in the evening. I love to visit my local library and other libraries not too far away. I adore reading books now and I always will. [maximax8]

I enjoy doing both. But it entirely depends on the subject matter. Even at 67 I still enjoy watching animated movies and programs with my grandchildren. I am fascinated with the detail in animations and special effects. Books however tell the good, the bad and the ugly. It is easier to cross reference books if one is looking for truth. Learn to listen for the pearls of wisdom in films and television, but remember they are written for the draumatic effect and not necessarily to empart wisdom, unfortunately TV and movies tend to be a good many people's form of education and they can be quite misleading. [cwinsonline]

nrtan2000 oh I love to read and a lot of the crap on television is just that, crap. A good book can open up a new world for me. I can see the characters in my mind, and well it is so much more enjoyable to and for me to read. the boob tube is okay for programs I like. but too so much of the sitcoms are realy sort of trashy. no i prefer reading over watching endless hours of television. [Hatley]

hello nrtan, In my younger days,i am a book lover,i always bring a book with me. Now that i am getting older,i still read books,to be specific i love reading the "readers digest" and "time magazine". But,due to my schedule as a mother of three kids and a housewife,time is too short for me to do things(household and attending kids needs,plus a small business),that i seldom find time to read and even watch tv shows or a movie. I rather give time with mylot and other earning sites before going to bed. But still i give time to read and watch a movie when i am in the mood to do so. [jaiho2009]

I like reading in books instead of watching in tv.i think that read in books would make me learn more than watch in tv. [carenxinxin]

I'm so lazy to read so I prefer watching tv. Hehe. But not all the time I watch non-sense and just pure entertainment related shows. I also watch educational shows on tv's. It's learning and having a lot more fun than reading. I also agree with you that in some movies the books or novels of it are better. A perfect example would be Harry Potter. The movies are great but its books are more detailed. shadow41 [shadow41]

I like both reading and watching but it depends upon the situation and time. When I am at home and needs to relax, I preferred to watch tv much more of the show is educational. I like reading when I am retiring to bed or when I am waiting in line like in the bank or any other places where I need to wait for my turn? I preferred to read than watching whatever it is in the tv. There are offices and stablishments who have tv in their waiting area. I preferred to read than watch in that situation because you can not select the show you want. [celestial052506]

I looooooove to read! I am a total book worm, in fact.....the TV is always on, but I never watch it. It is just white noise as far as I am concerned. Lately, I am especially fond of fanfiction. [beckysue12121]

I prefer both. I like to do lots of other things in the evening when I get home from work, so I will alot of the times do them while watching tv. But then I prefer to read a book in bed before falling asleep it helps me relax and get settled down for a good nights sleep [JennyMarie]

Most of the time I watch TV than to read books. I like to watch news on CNN ang aljazeera. I read books sometimes but if thinking about something to forget on the lesson I have learn when I was in college. It's a kind of review...Have a nice day! [aerous]

I am the type of person who prefers to read a good books opposed to watching tv. I think sitting down with a book is enjoyable and takes me to more places than watching television. [rmuxagirl]

I enjoy doing both. But kinda lazy now so prefer watching tv than to reading since i can get more information in less time by watching tv and can get more entertainment in less time. here time is an important factor coz of the daily routine and schedule. But on the other hand reading helps improve your thought process, your imagination and helps in broadening the spectrum of seeing world and different things. Though reading is very entertaining but requires time. While watching television you have many options to watch and to entertain yourself and all that only at your fingertips :) [tictac213]

I can't seem to read movie related books. Like Harry Potter. I founf the book so boring that I tried to read them but fell asleep. But the movies I'm completely on edge for. I enjoy them a lot. My daughter on the other hand. If the movie comes out on a book she has got to get that book and read it before she sees the movie. Or if she's already seen the movie she'll get the book to see the difference. She loves to read so much. It's like her escape. [sizzle3000]

There is nothing in the world quite like cozying-up with a good book to read. Movies sometimes do miss crucial parts of a story. Anyone, interested in getting a full affect of any story should indeed, read the book. It is always, better to read the book before, actually seeing the movie. However, given the two choices of reading or, watching television my desires lean more towards television. While, books are absolutely incredible - they are given to a more(and of course, much needed)personal venue. Where as, watching television is more open to sharing experiences with loved ones. Holiday movies revive a breathe of fresh air into us all. Comedy shows making whole families laugh together and give way for discussions. Horror movies teach us to share blankets and popcorn. There are so many special shows in our lives which, we have shared with so many loved ones. Memories made together as we gather up our goodies and get in front of the television. Things learned not just from the shows but, about one another. Through the questions asked or, times we've laughed or, cryed. It helps to reveal ourselves. Television really is at the heart of our society. However, we would also, be lost without, the books and those who write them. [letitbesaid]

I prefer to read, I love reading and always have done since I have been able to read I will watch TV while on my Laptop but when I am not I prefer to read Also when I read I loose myself into a different world and it is great [gabs8513]

Yeah you are right, but i am tired of reading lots of novels already. I have been a book lover when i was just in my elementary and high school years. I do often read magazines now and i rarely read novels already since i am into internet almost all of my spare time. [xannebull]

i have to say watching tv. I lie on the couch and begin with my programs. i think reading is very good and everyone should do it, but i cannot concentrate and am very tired and hurting so i watch television. Keep reading good material! [clocks123]

I love both and it depends also in my mood...But, to answer your questions, I love reading books too but I can always postpone when the movie or show on TV is very interesting! [checapricorn]

Yeah, as you said, reading in books and watching in tv both have their advantages and disadvantages. Reading in books ususally takes longer time than watching in tv. To those who are very busy and cannot spare much time to read, watching in tv is perhaps a good alternative. It all depends on people's different needs. As for me, I prefer books. In reading a book, I often find myself deeply absored in the story described in the book. I feel like I'm one of the characters sharing the experience in the real story. I think and sympathize together with the author, and I understand his intentions. Just imagine I myself is on a big stage with other actors, expressing myself in impressive words gives me much pleasure. I do hope everyone can find a suitable choice and enjoy his or her time in the best way. [chenxiaoyue_713]

reading books is beter than watching tv .....coz it gives u more knowledge than watchin tv book is lik a frnd wherever u go it may gives u good company when compare to tv........ [anishak]

I prefer watching TV than reading. I'm very lazy to read and finish a particular novel or a book. My sister and my mother are fond of reading no matter how late they are determine to finish the novel that they are reading. It takes many days before they can finish reading it. Ever since I'm very lazy to read book and most of the time my eyes is hurting while reading that's why I seldom read a book. [agv0419]

I love reading books, but it is quite time consuming. But there are times when I read and don't worry about other things I do. Travelling on a train or bus is a good time to read and in the early hours of the morning when we are away from home. I like to watch the the movie version of the books I have read too. Some stories are exactly how I imagined when I read the book, yet some of them are nothing like the book. happy - Derek [derek_a]

You are right,reading books and watching TV both have advantages and disadvantages,to me,it depends on the subjects,sometimes,I choose to read,because the imagination li limitless,but sometimes,I choose to watch TV, because you can see the fanscinate images.Nowadays,the movies are becoming more and more beautiful and more and more impressing.So I like both. [webb_jiang]

we can learn more by watching rather than reading. By reading we can only get the idea of how something is happened but by watching we get the deep understanding of things. our mind grasp earlier by watching. [nav_783]

Hi dear., I loves to read book when have time you know..since i'm full time working mother. To relax my mind from work problem, normally i unwind by reading all kinds of reading materials such as newspaper, magazine, children's books, anything that i can found..hehehehehe..and i like to read while eating. I only watch televisyen for the news since longer than 1 hours the tele watch me ...hehehehehehee [azlin_04]

because reading can make our mind very fresh rathe rthan watching tv and we can read all type of books that can increase our noledge dso watching tv is also not so good to eyse and i prefer only reading tv but not watching the tv.we cant say may that also have lot of advantages for watching it and we cansee lot of variety of chaneels [wiseking_18]

Hi ,my friend.Reading book can enrich our spiritual world.Give us space for imagination.AND don't hurt our eyes. [Alicesnow]

For me, I prefer to watch TV instead. There are times that a book doesn't explain well. I agree that reading books is totally different from watching TV but there are cases that it's necessary for you to view it actually like a demo. Reading books really help but sometimes it's better to see than to imagine. [DarkMarixx]

Hi nrtan2000. I prefer reading books as compared to watching TV programs. When reading, I could identify myself better into one of the book characters. I could interpret the characters based on what I like them to be. My imagination works better when reading books. I also believe that we think more when we read. [soledadclickz]

I prefer watching in TV, because books are always too long and slow,but watching TV can save our much time. [crystalfealy520]

Hi Nrtan, I prefer watching TV. You can get updates fast, very interactive and you can even change channel once you get bored with what you are presently watching. If i am tired and want to catch the latest news, i open the tv to keep me awake than read on books that will make me fall asleep. Reading in books is good for me if i want to sleep immediately. [msfrancisco9369]

I rather watch TV. For me it's more fun and I prefer watching TV than reading a book. There are good books but I get easily bored reading. [MadRooster]

Yes, nrtan, I agree with you!I prefer reading. TV makes it easy to learn the story nowadays. And it's also more and more popular because of fast-paced life. But reading is better than tv in fact!For a novel, reading can make you learn more, besides plot, also including something deep. And tv is also interpreted by actors/actresses or director. In another word, I think reading can make me concentrating on something. I find it's harder to reading than before. We always accept info by TV, internet, or some short and informal newsletters nowadays. [OrangJuice]

I do most of the things online including watching TV plays and movies. So I dn't watch TV very often. And reading is too boring for me. [Jensie]
Me too, I find reading boring but only sometimes if I don't have interest in the book that I am reading. But reading is really very important to gain knowledge...lol [joannaleed]

Well both have advantages and disadvantages ... well because im not good in english its hard to explain myself but ill try:) well in books you get some kind of view of some city or something and it help explain or write better. Tv shows everything what goes around the world and have news ofcourse. In my point of view both are good :) I say watch Tv and before sleep read a book for expamle. [toataim]

I like both reading and watching TV for learning. Which one I prefer depends on what it is I want to learn about as both are very entertaining. I do watch TV more than I read so I guess you can say I prefer watching TV. [happy6162]

I like to do both reading of books and watching movies as they are both a relaxing pastime for me. But when comparing a movie that has been made from a book to the original book, I have always liked the book more as there is always more details in there. happy It is never possible for movie makers to fit everything in and sometimes they leave out things that although may not have been totally important to the storyline, they were still enjoyable parts to read. Other times, they add in scenes to the movie that were never in the book. I hate it when they do that! sad [RawBill1]

i dont like book from my scholling actually so, i would suerly go with watching in tv [kunalvijan]

I think I love watching TV than reading. I know through reading we can gain a lot of knowledge but I think in watching TV I can just lay down on my bed and relax while watching my favorite shows.lol [joannaleed]

hi,i like to read books than watch tv,i think reading books can bring us a feeling of belonging,many things can confused us,we can be lost in the books to seek a quiet and happy,reading books can learn knowledge and learn to know how to life in the society and make us more wise,but reading books can be less efficient than watching tv,so we can watch tv to absorb information quickly ,so we can take them at the same time,but we waste a lot of time in watching tv,so we should control the watching time to precvent us from being addicated to it,we must use them in a proper way so that reading books and watching tv can help us a lot, do you think so? [zhangmingyuan]

Books by far. With a book, I become totally engrossed and the world around me ceases to exist. When watching television, I find myself anxious for something else to do, so I crochet, work on my laptop, mend clothes, anything to keep my hands and mind busy. Television simply doesn't engage me fully. It has become a place of the mundane and ridiculous most of the time, although I do like who done it's like Numbers, the Mentalist, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and Medium. But even with those, I find my mind reaching for something more to do. [mysticmaggie]

I prefer both! I love watching tv as it is one form of escapism for me and it keeps me in touch with what is going on in the world and I also love to read, this is another form of escapism that I like to indulge in. I think that it's good to have a balance as with anything. I don't do too much of one thing and neglect the other, I give equal time to both I think. I will always try and make time for these two activities! Andrewhappy [AndrewFreyne]

I enjoy both. I watch tv in the evening then at night before I sleep, I read for an hour or two. Now, if you'd have asked about movies, I much prefer the book. I like to use my imagination to see the characters and locales. A movie takes that "playfulness" away, and as you said, the story is complete in a book. [tcup345]

I really like doing both of these. However, if I had to chose only one of the two, I would chose reading a book. The main reason that I am partial to reading a book over watching television is that reading a book really allows your mind to work with your imagination. The way that I picture things is uniquely my own, but I have the jumping off point from the books that I am reading. Based on my experiences from books that I've read that are made into movies, the way that I see it is often dramatically different from the way that other people portray them. [dorannmwin]

In terms of knowledge,content and learning, reading is preferred since things tend to be a lot more detailed. In terms of enjoyment or recreation, or probably something like sitting back and relaxing, watching is good. Seeing things move on the screen is a lot better than looking at a thousand lifeless words in a book. [selece]

Reading the books and then watch the movie. I usually wait until the movie is out on dvd especially if the book makes me cry. [taface412]